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Brewing Equipment

Jan 5th, 2023 at 01:16   Automobiles   Sha Tin   20 views
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Brewing Equipment 鈶?nbsp; Introduction The fermentation time of beer is generally about 12-20 days. However, after the fermentation is completed, it only takes about 2 days to drink in the bright beer tank. The bright beer tank can greatly improve the efficiency of brewing and increase the output. 鈶?nbsp; Specification Bright Tank SeriesVolume by US (Gallon)Diameter (mm)Height (mm)Inner tank thickness (mm)Outer Shell (mm)Insulation layer (mm) 2HL Bright Tank53US Gallon8201400mm3250 3HL Bright Tank79US Gallon860mm1650mm3250 6HL Bright Tank106US Gallon1060mm1900mm3250 8HL Bright Tank132US Gallon1160mm2050mm3250 10HL Bright Tank159US Gallon1260mm2100mm3250 12HL Bright Tank211US Gallon1360mm2100mm3250 15HL Bright Tank264US Gallon1360mm2400mm3250 20H Bright Tank317US Gallon1560mm2350mm3250 25HL Bright Tank396US Gallon1560mm2800mm3250 30HL Bright Tank528US Gallon1760mm2700mm3250 鈶?nbsp; Advantage: 鈼?nbsp;Multi-functional: the fermenter can be used for fermentation, storage, blending and aging 鈼?nbsp;Big square door can easily fit the shape of rakes and shovels 鈼?nbsp;Each tank is finished with butt to butt TIG welding to ensure sanitary needs 鈼?nbsp;Optional CIP cleaning assembly 鈼?nbsp;Only premium quality stainless steel 304 or 316L are used for tank fabrication 鈶?nbsp; Production 1. Welding: We abandoned the argon gas cylinder but adopt The Central System of Argon to make sure the TIG welding with pure argon gas shield. We also increase the using amount of gas when welding, so the quality of the welding line is more higher. 2.Dimpling: We adopt dimple plate rather than belt for glycol jacket, since it can increase the cooling area and improve the speed of cooling. The most important thing in brewing process is to avoid contaminating, that is to say the most important thing in producing beer equipment is to polish the inside tanks to 0.4~0.6 渭m Without dead corner. 3.Polishing: We use large-scale polishing equipment to polish the inside of the tanks -- all over the wall to make sure there is no dead corner. And we adopted passivation and acid pickling which will make our tanks with higher accuracy. You need not worry about there will be some bacterias remained after cleaning. 鈶?Feature 鈶?Advantages 1) 304 Stainless Steel plate as a whole, our stainless steel plate manufacturer is the best in China 2) Cooling: the upper and lower parts of the dimple jacket, cooling more quickly 3) Insulation: the insulation layer material is 80mm thick high-grade Pu (customizable) 4) Before delivery, we will conduct a strict pressure test of the storage tank 5) Discharge outlet: Our discharge outlet is 38mm, which makes the sewage discharge faster and saves time 6) Carbonation Stone: lengthened design, exceeding the radius of the tank, making the carbonization effect better 7) Universal wheels: 100L-200L Tanks, we provide universal wheels to make it easier to move and display(optional) 8) Energy saving and emission reduction, saving energy, in line with modern energy saving and emission reduction ideasBrewing Equipment website:

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