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Engraving Tools for sale

Jan 8th, 2023 at 19:36   Fashion, Home & Garden   Sai Kung   12 views
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Engraving Tools for sale CNC carving bits is used to engrave pictures or characters on granite, marble, quartz and artificial stone. About tool handle diameter The choice of the diameter of the tool holder is mainly to choose a reasonable tool body strength to prevent the tool from breaking. Generally speaking, 8MM shank diameter is preferred for reliefs within 2 cm, and 10MM shank diameter is preferred for reliefs above 2 cm. The engraving machine has excellent performance and customers who run high-speed can choose a 12MM tool holder to meet the high-speed requirements. About the tool tip size In the case of meeting the requirements of engraving accuracy, try to choose a model with a larger tip. The larger the tip, the longer the life. For example, if the 6MM tool tip can meet the requirements of engraving accuracy for large-size reliefs, try not to choose a 3MM or 4MM tool tip. About blade length Depending on the flatness of the stone and the set carving depth, you should choose a blade length with margin to prevent accidental sharpening of the knife handle. For example, if the engraving depth is 26MM, the blade length is 30MM. If the engraving depth is 15MM, the blade length is 20MM. Bluestone in sandstone is a relatively soft stone. It is generally recommended to use brazing emery grinding head according to different fonts and relief to choose different tools. But it should be noted that if the relief pattern is deep聽 must be carved in layers not a knife. Specification TypeVacuum Brazed 8-3-30Vacuum Brazed 8-4-30Vacuum Brazed 10-4-30Vacuum Brazed 10-6-30 Diameter at tip3mm4mm4mm6mm Diamond length30mm30mm30mm30mm Clamping Diameter8mm8mm10mm10mm FAQ 1.what material is your product? Our product are made from diamond. We have sintering, electroplating and brazing technology.聽聽 2.What is your production capacity? We have 5 large sets producing machines in our factory and we are going to extend our production again. Now we can produce 10000pcs per day and if you order quantity is big, we can arrange it at first. 3.May I get some pieces samples from you? Yes, we are glad to provide sample for testing. We have confidence about our quality. Our brand is famous in this industry, I believe you will satisfied with us.聽 Company ProfileEngraving Tools for sale website: